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Book Recommendation

Personal Purchase RecommendationDepartment/Unit Purchase Recommendation

Personal Purchase Recommendation

  • Service Target and Guidelines:
    Every eligible Library patron who believes that certain books, periodicals, or audio-visual materials have significant educational and research value but are not yet included in our library's collection, can recommend them to the library for purchase or donation!, following the "CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Book and Journal Recommendation Guidelines." Recommenders will be granted priority borrowing privileges.
  • How to Make a Recommendation:
    Visit the library's "Personal Purchase Recommendation" webpage and complete the authentication process. Provide ISBN, title, author, publisher, and other relevant details of the book. Choose whether you would like to reserve the book if it is acquired. Click "Submit Recommendation" to complete the recommendation process. Please note the following:
    Maximum number of online recommendations is 5 per month for each patron, approved, disapproved, or canceled recommendations are all included.
    * For earlier publications or publications that are difficult to obtain, patrons are required to provide more information to expedite procurement process.。
  • Processing Procedure:
    Before submitting a request, please check library's WEBPAC to see whether the material you want is already in the collection or on order. Library does not purchase duplicate copies.
  1. The recommendations will be reviewed by the acquisition staff, and any recommendations that do not meet the procurement criteria will be eliminated.
  2. If there are doubts or concerns, the recommendations will be sent for review by the respective department.
  3. Purchasing from book vendors: It usually takes about one month for Chinese books and in-stock Western books to arrive at the library, while non-stock Western books may take three to six months.
  4. Recommendations can be checked directly through the library catalog. Your recommendation is accepted when items’ status is "On Order". You may also log in to 'My Library Account & Renewing' and select 'History Record of Personal Recommendation for Purchase' to check the process status.
  5. After the books are received, they will be processed by the cataloging staff and marked as "In Cataloging."
  6. Once cataloging is completed, the recommenders or those who have reserved the books will be notified for borrowing. Otherwise, the books will be displayed on the New Books shelf (still available for borrowing) and shelved one week later.
  • Contact number: 03-265-2816


Department/Unit Purchase Recommendation

  1. Please log on to the "Department/Unit Library Book Recommendation System" on library website.(The system is suggested to use Chrome browser, not supporeted in IE browser
  2. Please enter your credentials (iTouch or library account username and password) to complete the authentication process.
  3. Select "Purchase Recommendation Application" and fill in your phone extension and email address.
  4. Click on "Add New" to display the required fields for book information, such as title, ISBN, author and other relevant details. Once completed, click on the "Submit Application" button at the bottom.
  5. Please print out the purchase recommendation form, obtain signatures from the recommending teacher and the department head, and send it to the Acquisition and Cataloging Division.
  6. Each teacher may authorize department staff or students to fill out the form on their behalf. You can use the "Authorization Management" feature to grant permissions.
  • Processing Procedure:
    Before making a recommendation through the system, please check library's WEBPAC first. Library does not purchase duplicate copies.
  1. Upon receiving purchase recommendation forms from various departments, the library will proceed with the following steps: duplicate copy verification, pricing estimation, cataloging, budget assessment, and procurement processes.
  2. The library will announce and notify each department on a monthly basis regarding the utilization of book funds for the selected professional research/teaching resources.
  3. Recommenders can track the progress of the book procurement process and view the historical records of their recommendations through the "Record" option in the system.
  4. Recommenders can also directly check the current status of recommended books through the library catalog search. The status of books that are on order will be listed as "On Order," while books that have arrived will be listed as "In Cataloging" or "Available," and so on.
  5. After the books arrive at the library, we will make reservations for teachers who make recommendations, so they may be the first ones to borrow when books are available.
  • Contact number: 03-265-2812