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Chung Yuan Christian University Institutional Repository System Guidelines

passed  by  882nd   Administrative  Meeting  on  Jan.  6,  2011

Article 1    Chung Yuan Christian University (hereafter referred to as “CYCU”) has formulated the guidelines in order to capture and preserve academic and intellectual output of of every academic or admistrative unit (hereafter referred to as “Unit”).

Article 2    CYCU Institutional Repository System (hereafter referred to as “System ”) shall be planned, established and maintained by the Library. The Library shall collaborate with every Unit to apply best practices of content maintenance.

Article 3    The system collects archives created by CYCU students, faculty, and staff. The materials include journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, theses and dissertations, professional books (single chapter or whole book), patents, computer programs, multimedia publications, exibitions and CYCU publications.

Article 4    Each Unit shall assign one staff as contact person who is responsible for cooperating with
Library to perform related work.

Article 5    Categorization of users and their authorization of the System are as followed:

  1. CYCU faculty, staff, and PhD students: May directly upload materials to the System and implement self management of contents.
  2. Contact person of each Unit: Authorized to manage, maintain, and assist uploading materials of the Unit.
  3. Contrac librarian: Authorized to manage, maintain, classify, increase, and delete uplated materials of each Unit. Also may assist uploading materials of the Unit.
  4. Master’s or undergraduate students: When approved by the Department or course instructor, may upload their own materials to the Sytem. May request contact librarian or contact person of each Unit to upload the materials.

.Article 6    Under the protection of Nation’s intellectual property law, the System provides open access to anyone who undergoes personal research. Reproduction and transmission in any form is prohibited.

Article 7    Rules and any amendment(s) go into effect when passed by Administrative Meeting.

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