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Journal Recommendation

General Chinese Periodicals

  • Service Target and Guidelines:
    Every eligible Library patron may recommend general Chinese periodicals that are deemed to have educational or leisure reading values and are not yet available in our library, in accordance with the CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Book and Journal Recommendation Guidelines.
  • How to Make Recommendations:
    Click Book / Journal Recommendation on Library webpage and complete the authentication process. Type in the title, author, publisher, or other relevant information of the periodical, then click on the "Send" button to complete.
  • Procedures:
    The library conducts a comprehensive evaluation of existing Chinese journals at the beginning of each semester. If the periodicals you recommend are deemed necessary for acquisition, and the budget allows, the library will proceed with the ordering process.

Professional Foreign Periodicals

  • Service Target and Guidelines:
    Specialized journals that have educational and research values, and are not yet part of the library's collection, can be recommended to the library based on the CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Selection and Deletion Guidelines for Professional Journals. The Department is required to discuss these recommendations, list the priorities, and send them to Library.
  • How to Make Recommendations:
    During the first semester, the library will send an inquiry to each department about its intended journal subscriptions or deletions for the following academic year. After discussion in the departmental meetings, the department should list the priorities and send them to library, along with the meeting minutes.
  • Procedures:
    In the process of selecting professional journals, library takes the followings into consideration: if journal is cited by the internationally recognized JCR (Journal Citation Reports) or its other relevant and important indicators, how many faculty members will use it, or if it contains multi-disciplinary fields for research. The principle for journal acquisition is long-term subscriptions and Library prefers electronic versions.When budget allows, Library will gradually purchase journals recommended by Department.
  • List of Periodicals Subscribed by Department

Contact us

  • General Chinese Periodicals:(03) 265-2810
  • Professional Foreign Periodicals:(03) 265-2815


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