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CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Committee Policy

passed by the 753th administrative meeting on June 2, 2000
revised by the 810th administrative meeting on Mar. 3, 2005
revised by 2nd Library Committee Meeting(2012 school year) on May 7, 2013

Article 1    The University Library Committee (hereafter referred to as “the Committee”) has been constituted to assist the Library functioning properly, Library resources being utilized effectively, and the Library supporting teaching, research and learning.

Article 2    This Committee consists of eleven to fifteen members (appointed by the University President) and the term of service is one year. Each college nominates one faculty and the others are recommended by Library director, including 2 students, undergraduate and graduate respectively. The Library director becomes the convener of the Committee.

Article 3    Responsibilities:

  1. Advises on Library policies and development direction.
  2. Advises on rule and regulation in relation to Library services.
  3. Advises on the formulation of library policy in relation to the development of resources
  4. Advises on major renovation of the Library.
  5. Advises on other matters regarding Library collections and services.

Article 4    The Committee meets once a semester. An interim meeting may be held if necessary.

Article 5    The Committee meeting will not be held unless more than half of its members are present. Resolution may not be passed unless half of its members attending the meeting approve.

Article 6    The Committee may invite people concerned to attend meeting.

Article 7    The policy goes into effect when passed or revised by the Administrative
Meeting and approved by the University President.

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