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The university librarian reports to the President and works in consultation with the library committee.
Under the librarian have four groups: Acquisitions and Cataloging Division, Reader Services Division, Information Systems Division, and Art Center.

Division Business Description

Oversee the administration of the library.

1. Library materials acquisitions, gift and exchange, budget control.
2. Cataloging and classification, maintenance of the Library’s bibliographic database, library new arrivals releasing.

Collecting, and providing services of library collections, circulation services, periodical services, reference services, library instructions, library extension services, interlibrary loan services, special Christian collections, design and art collections, multimedia materials services

Development and operation of library automation systems, website, servers, network facilities, PCs and hardware.

Responsible for the planning and execution of visual art exhibitions and related art education activities, lectures for group tours, yearbook planning and publication, art collection management, and other visual art exhibition related matters.

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