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Database Recommendation

  • Guidelines to Evaluate and Acquire Databases:
  1. Database content must accord with CYCU academic needs, as well as authority, accuracy, and currency.
  2. Database procurement prioritizes joining the E-Resource consortium will be first priority.
  3. For recommending database acquisitions, usage statistics during trial and patron feedback will both serve as important basis to be renewed or selected.
  4. E-Resources with web interface will be on top priority. In addition, retrieval functions, ease of operation, connection speed, authority scope, content quality, effectiveness, price, contract guarantee, embargo periods, vendor reputation all serve as important bases.
  5. The following 4 factors will be taken into consideration when the Library is choosing the most efficient version of E-Resources: convenient use, frequency of use, cost, and content’s value to preserve. The different levels of versions are categorized in priority as follows: intranet, internet (unlimited), internet (limited), standalone, or charge-per-visit.
  6. Priority list : (a) Renewal of existing E-Resources (b) Upgrade of existing E-Resources (c) Full-text online database of periodicals (d) complement to the academic fields.
  • Procedures:
  1. Patron is required to fill out CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library E-Resource Recommendation Form (.odt, .doc), which needs to be approved by the Department Head and College Dean before submission to the library.
  2. The Library will contact vendor for free trial after preliminary evaluation.
  3. During trial period, patron will be advised to fill out feedback in CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library E-Resource Trial Feedback on Library website.
  4. When trial period ends, the Library will print out feedbacks and ask vendor to provide usage statistics.
  5. The Library based on the database selection principles and budget to prepare an evaluation report.The report will be submitted for the approval of the library director, and the results will inform patron.
  • Contact us:03-265-2815

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