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Naming & History

Chung Yuan Christian University Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library

       The Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library is one of the most prominent buildings on the CYCU campus. The building was honored with the Distinguished Architectural Design Award and the Gold Medal Award by the Taiwanese Provincial Government and the Journal of Chinese Architects, respectively.

       The library is a six-floor building with five floors above ground level and one basement. The gross area of construction is about 11,900 square meters. It has 1,320 seats available.

       The entire library currently houses extensive, various and comprehensive collections to support teaching, learning, and research activities. The facility also provides a comfortable environment for students, faculty, and staff to study and discuss at the CYCU campus. Furthermore, the library established the "Christian Culture and Literature Collection" center, featuring many vital ancient Christian records and relics. It is now home to many researchers who devote themselves to Christian culture studies in Taiwan.

       In the summer of 2017, the library upgraded its automation system to support the daily workflows and provide better-integrated resource management with a better and more consistent user experience.

       Today, more than a million copies of digital resources of online journals, databases, and e-books are available. In addition, the library integrates an online Discovery Service on the Library website to provide users a unified and coherent means of accessing all the resources through a single search. The library also provides electronic newsletters, arrival notices of new materials, and circulation notices. All the services mentioned above are available on the main web page of the Library website. (    

Building Introduction

There are 6 floors in the library building (B1-5F) and its area covers 11,900 square meters. The library houses about 910,000 volumes and provides more than 1,500 seats for reading. There are also discussion rooms, personal study rooms, and an international conference room. In addition to this the library is also quite diversified and can serve as a place for academic, educational, and cultural activities. The following is the floor-plan:

5F CYCU Theses & Dissertations, Bound Periodicals Stacks, Chinese Collections Stacks (Call no. 500-999), 12 Individual Study Rooms.
4F Chinese Collections Stacks (Call no. 000-499), New Arrivals-Chinese Collections, Design and Art Collections, Special Christian Collections.
3F Western Collections Stacks, New Arrivals-Western Collections,  Subject Book Exhibition, 100 Great Books, Compact Shelves, Creative Learning Room.
2F Reader Services Section, Circulation Desk, Reference Desk, Entrance Desk, Information Commons, Periodicals Area, Audiovisual Area, Periodicals Work Area, Chang Ching Yu Memorial Room, Self Check Locker, Book Drop.
1F Library Director’s Office, Acquisition and Cataloging Section, System Information Section, Hsiu Te Hall.
B1F Study Room, Study Hall, , Rarely Used Books Area.

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