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CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Resource Development Policy
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Book Selection Criteria
CYCU Faculty and staff's publications Acquisition Guidelines
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Selection and Deletion Guidelines for Professional Journals
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Selection and Deletion Guidelines for Electronic Databases
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Fund Allocation Regulations For Resources
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Book and Journal Recommendation Guidelines
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Book Fund Allocation Guidelines for Departments and Units
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Multimedia Collection Development Policy
CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Book and Materials Donation Guidelines

CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Resource Development Policy

passed  by  3rd Library  Committee  Meeting(2005 school  year)  on  Jun.  28,  2006
revised by 1st Library Committee Meeting(2015 school year) on Nov. 11, 2015
revised by 2nd Library Committee Meeting(2020 school year) on May 4, 2021

  1. CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library (hereafter referred to as “the Library”) formulated The CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Resource Development Policy (hereafter referred to as “the Policy”) to systematically and consistently collects resources, continue to provide high-quality collection, and effectively optimize use of its budget, in order to meet the current and long-term teaching, research and administration needs as well as patrons’.
  2. The Library shall set a budget designated for collecting resources and join consortium and inter‐library cooperation for the purpose of integrating, sharing and broadening book resources.
  3. The content of Library collections shall be focused primarily on the professional works (formats include books, periodicals, multi‐media, E‐resources…etc.) of each CYCU teaching and research unit. General collections which are knowledgeable, cultural and practical will also be considered.
  4. The Library’s resource development budgeting shall be implemented according to CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Fund Allocation Regulations For Resources.
  5. Policy for acquiring various formats of resources:
    (1) General policy
        a. All resources shall conform to the copyright law
        b. All resources shall be collected according to the Policy and scope of CYCU academic fields
        c. For foreign language collection, English will be given first priority, then Japanese, other languages will be considered if needed
        d. Library acquires only 1 copy of each title. Multiple copies (up to 3) will be taken into consideration when there are more than 10 reservations for a title, course reserves, official-use-only items or those for special teaching needs. Purchase over 3 copies will get approval by Library Director in advance.
    (2)Selection policy 
        a. Books
            1) Based on "CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Book Selection Criteria”Newly published academic books of each level, basic, learning and research, for
            2) each department will be preferably selected
            3) Computer books imprint in most recent years will be selected
            4) Edition preference (in general) : collector’s edition, hardback, deluxe binding, and paperback
            5) Brochures of 50 pages or less are not acquired
        b. Periodicals
            1) Based on "CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Selection and Deletion Guidelines for Professional Journal"
            2) Core periodicals selected by authority institution (ex. STPI) and periodicals indexed by significant citation databases (ex. SCI、SSCI、A&HCI) are preferable to the Library
            3) Electronic version is preferable. In case both print and electronic versions are required, Library may transfer print version periodicals to department for display
            4) Periodicals subscribed by any consortium should be renewed in general
            5) Each department of college is requested to make suggestion for subscription renewals of print version journals
        c. Electronic resources
            1) Based on "CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Selection and Deletion Guidelines for Electronic Databases”
            2) Including bibliographies, indices, full-text periodicals, e-books, e-documents, online courses and web resources, etc.
            3) has to achieve equilibrium within all CYCU academic fields
            4) join consortia for group buy to save cost 
        d. Multi-media resources
            1) Based on "CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Multimedia Collection Development Policy”
            2) Materials with legal public broadcast and transmission rights will be selected. Video-on-demand version is preferable
            3) Library must preserve at least 1 copy of any A-V material created by CYCU Division, department or unit
            5) Audio-visual kit:
                   (1) If audio-visual material is the principal part of the kit, it will be selected in Library’s multi-media collection and printed material will be treated as attachment.
                   (2) If book is the principal part of the kit, audio-visual material will be treated as attachment
                   (3) A title which contains both printed and audio-visual versions will be catalogued into 2 separate bibliographic records
        e. Reference materials
            1) General principle: to collect basic reference tools in all academic fields
            2) Evaluation criteria: scope, arrangement, publisher authority, and novelty
            3) If possible, electronic format is preferable.
  6. Institutional repository
    (1) At least 1 copy of publications of CYCU faculty, staff, students, or each unit should be submitted to Library. Electronic format is most preferable
    (2) CYCU publications include:
        a. Publication by faculty or staff: collected according to ”CYCU Faculty and staff's publications Acquisition Guidelines”
        b. Theses and Dissertations by CYCU students 
        c. Institutional publications: such as conference proceedings or journals published by CYCU departments/administration offices or CYCU yearbooks.
  7. Acquisition
    (1) Recommendation and selection
        a. Recommendation by department/administration offices 
        Books of academic subjects are selected by departmental faculty, approved by head of department, then sent to the Acquisition and Cataloging Division
        b. Patron recommendation 
        "Purchase request procedure" is provided on Library website and approval may be made by Library
        c. Recommendation by non-CYCU patron 
        Library collects catalogs from booksellers, publishers, authors, etc. and pass them to departments for selection
        d. Recommendation by Library 
        Acquisition librarian will select general books and all types of materials according to selection tools or usage statistics
        e. Recommendation for electronic databases 
        Library collects information about electronic databases and requests for trial based on recommendations from Library cooperative alliances, patrons, or colleges. After trial period, evaluation for purchase may be in progress
    (2) Purchase
        a. Proceed in accordance with “CYCU Guidelines for purchasing books” and other regulations
        b. Course reserve materials will be purchased in first priority
    (3) Gifts    
        a. Types
            1) Library makes requests
            2) Library accepts gifts
                (1) directly sent to Acquisition and Cataloging Division
                (2) quantity donation: librarian proceeds to collect or Library pays for postage
        b. Library reserves the right to handle gifts (materials or money) as to accept, discard, transfer, …etc.
        c. When gift is added to the Library collections, source of gift will be noted
        d. Donation of precious books or materials
            1) Library will invite specialists to review or evaluate these precious book, magazines, manuscripts, or photos, if necessary
            2) Collection policy may differ from general one
            3) These precious materials will be displayed on specialized shelves and Library will generate virtual shelves on its website for patrons to browse
        e. General policy (excluding materials mentioned in Article d) (When argument arises, Division of Acquisition and Cataloging will invite others for discussion):
            1) Damaged and pornographic books are unacceptable
            2) Computer books which are published over 2 years ago are unacceptable
            3) Used audio cassettes are unacceptable
            4) Out-of-date textbooks or exercise books are unacceptable
            5) Books with markings or notes are unacceptable
            6) Incomplete serial sets are unacceptable
        f. Library will avoid customized display for donated materials
        g. People who donate money to Library to purchase books must follow book selection criteria
        h. The Library will not promise due date for processing except for special circumstances
        i. Unacceptable materials
            1) Transfer
                (1) Valuable and in good condition: to be sent to other institutions
                (2) Valuable yet unsuitable for Library collection: to be sent to CYCU faculty, staff, or students
            2) Discard:piracy materials or damaged books
  8. Weeding
    (1) General policy
        a. Ordinary books
            1) verified lost as a result of 2 inventory check-ups
            2) lost by patron and unable to acquire the same copy
            3) extensively damaged as to be beyond effective repair
            4) out-of-date or useless (brochures)
            5) out-of-date or useless (books), for example, computer manuals published over 5 years ago
            6) can be replaceable by e-book version
            7) all attachments to books will be withdrawn simultaneously
            8) of all types of attachments to books, out-of-date computer operation manual diskettes are the most preferential ones to withdraw
            9) each department may formulate weeding policy for their own books
        b. Reference materials
            1) offprint type of index, abstract, or bibliography which can be replaced by bound volume or electronic edition
            2) loose-leaf materials: new release will replace previous version
            3) when new edition is able to entirely replace the earlier one
        c. Audiovisual & multi‐media materials
            1) Blurry Image or voice / unusable due to damage
            2) No suitable equipment to use
            3) Can be replaced by other media
        d. Electronic resources As a result of low usage or replacement of other interface, subscription of access-type e-databases may be terminated. Linkage on the Library website is thus required to be removed
    (2) Procedures
        a. Library has to undertake, at least once every two years, a weeding process. When materials are withdrawn according to CYCU Property Impairment Procedure, Library need to verify the presence of a circulation note in the item record concerning the “withdrawal” from the OPAC display
        b. After each department withdraws its own books, it is required to pass on the withdrawal list to Library to proceed accordingly.
  9. Rules and any amendment go into effect when passed by Library Committee Meeting.

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