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Our Services: Borrowing | Returning | Recalls | Reservations | Renewal | Overdue | Replacement Charges | Refund of Deposits 
Other Service: Get a Library Card | Circulation Notices 


  • Available during Library opening hours at the circulation desk。
  • Library approved ID。
  • CYCU faculty & staff: employee’s ID card。
  • CYCU student: student ID card。
  • CYCU alumni: alumni card。
  • Friends of CYCU: friends of CYCU ID card。
  • Others: library card。
  • * Please report loss to Library if card is missing。
  • Full-time faculty/staff may designate a person to check out books for them.The designator needs to present both his/her and the faculty/staff’s IDs。
  • Loan Periods and Item Limits。
Patron Types Books Multi-media
Total no.of items Loan period (days) Total no.of items Loan period (days)
  • Undergraduate students
  • Full-time staff and janitors (retiree included)
  • non-certified staff (project-based assistants or short-term employees)
20 30 10 7
  • Graduate students /prospective graduate students
50 60 10 7
  • Adjunct faculty, military instructors,friends of CYCU (Silver)
30 30 10 7
  • Full-time faculty (retiree included),full-time researchers, visiting professors, exchange scholars, friends of CYCU (Gold)
60 90 10 7
  • Alumni with borrowing privileges.
10 30 10 7
  • Non-degree students, member of CYCU contracted parties, friends of the Library, spouses and immediate relatives of full-time faculty/staff (retiree included).
10 30 10 7
  • Patrons of cooperative libraries
by rules of contract 10 7
  • CYCU faculty / staff/ students / janitors may borrow up to 2 interlibrary loan cards for 40 days (can be renewed twice if no other patrons are waiting)
  • Loan policies for school breaks will be notified separately, if applicable.


Available during Library opening hours at the circulation desk。


  • If you reserve an item which is on loan to other patron, Library will send out a recall notice to remind that patron.


  • Every patron may place reservations for up to 10 items.
  • Only items with status of “in cataloging”、”being checked out”、”on hold shelf” or “rare-used book” are available for reservations.
  • System will send an e-mail notice to patron to pick up his/her reserved item. If patron does not pick up within 7 days, then this item will be moved to next patron or back to stack.


  • Patron may renew his/her borrowed item before due date for up to 3 times (if no other patron puts hold on it)
  • Three methods to renew


  • Starting 4th day of due date, patron will be fined late fee of NT$5 for per item per day and borrowing privileges will be suspended.
  • Borrowing privileges will be resumed immediately after all items are returned and late fees are paid off.

Replacement Charges

  • Please refer to Article 18-19 of CYCU Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library Management Policies.
  • If you have problems or suggestions, please call circulation desk at 03-2652833 or email us.

Refund of Deposits

  • Fill in Receipt for Expenses (.docx , .odt) at Circulation Desk, return checked out items and library card and pay all fines (if applicable). An Affidavit letter ( .docx , .odt) is required when receipt of deposit is lost.
  • Available during Library opening hours (8:00-22:00 Mon.-Fri., 9:00-17:00 Sat.-Sun, different schedules for summer and winter vacations).
  • After verification from Library, patron may get refund from Cashier (8:30-16:00 Mon.-Fri.) or fill in Transfer Request Form (.docx , .odt).

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