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西文新到館藏 2018-09 全部 本校教職員著作 ( 1到63筆,共計63筆 ) 圖文並列 文字顯示

書    名: When a colleague offends you : the antecedents and consequences of forgiveness at work
作    者: Chao, An-an
出版者: 2010
索書號: CYL BJ1476 .C45 2010
書    名: Classical myth
作    者: Powell, Barry B
出版者: Boston : Pearson, [2015]
索書號: BL723 .P68 2015
ISBN : 9781292066141
書    名: A Quantitative Study of the Vocalization of the Inseparable Prepositions in the Hebrew Bible
作    者: Huang JengZen
出版者: 2015
索書號: CYL BS600.3 .H82 2015
書    名: The Lindisfarne Gospels : new perspectives
作    者:
出版者: Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2017]
索書號: BS2552.L56 G36 2017
ISBN : 9789004337831
書    名: The Science of Basketball
作    者:
出版者: New York : Routledge, 2018
索書號: GV885 .S374 2018
ISBN : 9781138701540
書    名: Leadership in organizations
作    者: Yukl, Gary A., 1940-
出版者: Harlow : Pearson Education, c2013
索書號: HD57.7 .Y85 2013
ISBN : 9780273765660
書    名: Management
作    者: Robbins, Stephen P., 1943- Verfasser. Author.
出版者: Harlow, England Pearson [2018]
索書號: HD31 .R5647 2018
ISBN : 1292215836
書    名: International economics : theory & policy
作    者: Krugman, Paul R., 1953- Author.
出版者: Harlow, England : Pearson, [2018]
索書號: HF1359 .K78 2018
ISBN : 9780134519579
書    名: The 31th & 32nd Pacific economic community seminar : Quest for economic growth engines
作    者:
出版者: Taipei : CTPECC, 2018
索書號: HF1418.5 .P33 2018
ISBN : 9789869084949
書    名: Marketing data science : modeling techniques in predictive analytics with R and Python
作    者: Miller, Thomas W., 1946- author
出版者: 2015
索書號: HF5415 .M55 2015
ISBN : 9780133886559
書    名: Marketing analytics : data-driven techniques with Microsoft Excel
作    者: Winston, Wayne L., author
出版者: Indianapolis, IN : John Wiley & Sons, [2014]
索書號: HF5415.2 .W56 2014
ISBN : 9781118373439
書    名: Conflicts of interest in financial distress : the role of employees
作    者: Liu, wen Chien
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學財務金融學系, 2017
索書號: CYL HG173 .L58 2017
書    名: Fundamentals of corporate finance
作    者: Berk, Jonathan B., 1962-
出版者: Boston [Mass.] ; London : Pearson, ©2012
索書號: HG4026 B475 2012
ISBN : 9780132148238
書    名: How does divergence of opinions affect the relative trading activity and information content in option and stock prior to takecover announcement?
作    者: Huang, Han-Ching
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學財務金融學系, 2017
索書號: CYL HG4028.S7 H82 2017
書    名: The sun does shine : how I found life and freedom on death row
作    者: Hinton, Anthony Ray, author
出版者: New York : St. Martin's Press, 2018
索書號: KF224.H565 H56 2018
ISBN : 9781250205797
書    名: An exploration of concise redundancy in online multimedia learning
作    者: Wu, Yu-Feng
出版者: 2011
索書號: CYL LB1840.G744 W8 2011
書    名: Navigating the transition from high school to college for students with disabilities
作    者:
出版者: New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
索書號: LC4818.38 .N38 2018
ISBN : 9781138934726
書    名: Context-aware call management for mobile phones
作    者: Chou, Hsien-ming, author
出版者: 2017
索書號: CYL LD3231.M6954 C45 2017
書    名: Using wiki-mediated collaboration to foster L2 writing performance
作    者: Hsu, Hsiu-Chen
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學應用外國語文學系, 2017
索書號: CYL LD5318.A712 H781 2017
書    名: The Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto by Zhanhao He and Gang Chen
作    者: Chien, Shan-Ken
出版者: 2014
索書號: CYL M1012.H3 C45 2014
書    名: Musical instruments of the world : an illustrated encyclopedia
作    者:
出版者: Oxford : Facts on File, c1976
索書號: ML102.I5 D5 1976
ISBN : 0816013098
書    名: The semi-final reqirements of the national flute associayion piccolo artist competitions in 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, and 2000
作    者: Chang, Haw
出版者: 2011
索書號: CYL ML935 .C45 2001
書    名: Protest Art and Urban Renewal in Taiwan: Convivial Combats from 2010-2013
作    者: Wei, Lising L
出版者: 2014
索書號: CYL N5300 .W44 2014
書    名: Temples of India : abode of the divine
作    者: Chopra, Tarun, author
出版者: New Delhi, India : Prakash Books, 2016
索書號: NA6002 .C46 2016
ISBN : 9788175993303
書    名: Next houses : architecture for the twenty-first century
作    者: Broadhurst, Ron
出版者: New York : Abrams, 2009
索書號: NA7125 .B675 2009
ISBN : 9780810954014
書    名: Psycholinguistics : learning and using language
作    者: Taylor, Insup
出版者: Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice Hall, [1990]
索書號: P37 .T34 1990
ISBN : 0137338171
書    名: Language files : materials for an introduction to language and linguistics
作    者:
出版者: Taipei : ookman Books, 2017
索書號: P121 .L36 2017
ISBN : 9789574457250
書    名: Wartime interpreting during the Sino-Dutch War(1661-1662)
作    者: Chang, Pin-Ling
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學應用國語文學系, 2017
索書號: CYL P306 .C45 2017
書    名: Análisis cualitativo de manuales para la enseñanza del chino mandarín a hispanohablantes con especial atención al tratamiento de la particula 了 /LE
作    者: Li, Yu-Chin, author
出版者: 2013
索書號: CYL PC4112.5 .L501 2013
書    名: Listening advantage. 1
作    者: Kenny, Tom
出版者: Taipei : Heinle Cengage Learning,Taiwan Branch c2017
索書號: PE1128 .K461 2017
ISBN : 9789869436588
書    名: Listening advantage. 2
作    者: Kenny, Tom
出版者: Taipei : Heinle Cengage Learning,Taiwan Branch c2017
索書號: PE1128 .K462 2017
ISBN : 9789869436595
書    名: Listening advantage. 3
作    者: Kenny, Tom
出版者: Taipei : Heinle Cengage Learning,Taiwan Branch c2017
索書號: PE1128 .K463 2017
ISBN : 9789869443005
書    名: Listening advantage. 4
作    者: Kenny, Tom
出版者: Taipei : Heinle Cengage Learning,Taiwan Branch c2017
索書號: PE1128 .K464 2017
ISBN : 9789869443012
書    名: The joy of literature: poetry, fiction and drama
作    者: Chen, Yinghuei
出版者: Taipei : Bookman Books ; 2011
索書號: PN1031 .C443 2011
ISBN : 9789574454167
書    名: The Norton introduction to literature
作    者:
出版者: 2017
索書號: PN6014 N67 2017
ISBN : 9780393938937
書    名: Computers as components : principles of embedded computing system design.
作    者: Wolf, Marilyn
出版者: Waltham, MA ; Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, [2012]
索書號: QA76.9.S88 .W64 2012
ISBN : 9780123884367
書    名: Components of algebraic sets of commuting and nearly commuting matrices
作    者: Young, Hsu-Wen
出版者: 2011
索書號: CYL QA188 Y68 2011
書    名: Assistance of the C-7,8-picoloyl moiety for directing the glycosyl acceptors into the α-orientation for the glycosylation of sialyl donors
作    者: Tsai, Yow-Fu
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學化學系, 2017
索書號: CYL QD321 .T752 2017
書    名: Essential biochemistry
作    者: Pratt, Charlotte W
出版者: Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2011
索書號: QD415 .P67 2011
ISBN : 9780470504772
書    名: Force field parameters and atomistic surface models for hydroxyapatite and analysis of biomolecular adsorption at aqueous interfaces
作    者: Lin, Tzu-Jen
出版者: 2013
索書號: CYL QD453.3 .L56 2013
書    名: Response of a shallow asymmetric V- shapped canyon to antiplane elastic waves
作    者: Chang, Kao-Hao
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學土木工程學系, 2017
索書號: CYL QE26.3 .C45 2017
書    名: The Fascinating secrets of oceans & islands
作    者:
出版者: London : Reader's Digest Association, c1972
索書號: QL91.15 F37z 1972
書    名: Biochemistry : a short course
作    者: Tymoczko, John L., 1948-
出版者: New York : W.H. Freeman and Company, [2013]
索書號: QP514.2 .T96 2013
ISBN : 9781464104367
書    名: Microbiology : an introduction
作    者: Baltzing, Barry L
出版者: Australia ; Belmont, CA : Brooks/Cole, c2002
索書號: QR41.2 .B35 2002
ISBN : 0534556205
書    名: Switching antipsychotic treatment to aripiprazole in psychotic patients with neuroleptic-induced tardive dyskinesia : a 24-week follow-up study
作    者: Zhan Jiaxiang
出版者: Taipei : Author, Minguo 99[2010]
索書號: CYL RA425 .Z48 2010
書    名: Acute exposure to DEHP metabolite, MEHP cause genotoxicity, mutagenesis and carcinogenicity in mammalian chinese hamster ovary cells
作    者: Chao, Ming-Wei
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學生物科技系, 2017
索書號: CYL RA1229.33 .D589 20
書    名: Abnormal psychology : the science and treatment of psychological disorders
作    者: Kring, Ann M., author
出版者: Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2016
索書號: RC454 .A243 2016
ISBN : 9781118953983
書    名: Phobias : a handbook of theory, research, and treatment
作    者:
出版者: Chichester ; New York : Wiley, ©1997
索書號: RC535 .P486 1997
ISBN : 0471969834
書    名: Sex addiction as affect dysregulation : a neurobiologically informed holistic treatment
作    者: Katehakis, Alexandra, author
出版者: New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2016
索書號: RC560.S43 K38 2016
ISBN : 9780393709025
書    名: Scheumann's the balanced body : a guide to the integrated deep tissue therapy system
作    者: Werner, Ruth (Ruth A.), author
出版者: Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2018]
索書號: RM721 .S326 2018
ISBN : 9781496346117
書    名: Static policy for dynamic landscape? : a study of landscape notions expressed in planning policy and local people's perception in Sicao, Taiwan
作    者: Wang, Kuang-Yu
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學景觀學系, 2017
索書號: CYL SB477.T28 W36 2017
書    名: Introduction to AutoCAD 2018 for Civil Engineering Applications
作    者: Yasmin, Nighat, 1961- author
出版者: Mission, Kansas : SDC Publications, [2017]
索書號: T386.A97 Y37 2017
ISBN : 1630571245
書    名: A coordinated constraint-based modeling and design advisory system for mechanical components and assemblies
作    者: Liu, Tien-Lun, 1965-
出版者: 1998
索書號: CYL TA174 L74 1998
書    名: 2005 International Symposium on Design, Construction and Operation of Long Tunnels : to celebrate the breakthrough of the 12.9 KM Hsuehshan Tunnel
作    者:
出版者: Taipei : Chinese Taipei Tunnelling Association, 2005
索書號: TA800 .I572 2005
ISBN : 9799579829617
書    名: Achieving successful river restoration in dense urban areas : lessons from Taiwan
作    者: Chou, Rung-Jiun
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學景觀學系, 2017
索書號: CYL TC502.6 C45 2017
書    名: The openness of the narrowness: situating the bridge of via umberto principe within people's everyday life in Olbia
作    者: Lin, Mi
出版者: 2011
索書號: CYL TG79 .L56 2011
書    名: Examining the relationship between Cardiorespiratory fitness and body weight status: empirical evidence from a population-based survey of adults in Taiwan
作    者: Sean, Wu Yang
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學環境工程學系, 2017
索書號: CYL TK2945.L58 S42 2017
書    名: Digital filter design and realization
作    者: Hinamoto, Takao, author
出版者: Gistrup, Denmark : River Publishers, [2017]
索書號: TK7872.F5 H56 2017
ISBN : 9788793519640
書    名: Linear Integrated Circuits
作    者: Roy Choudhury, D
出版者: London : New Age Intl Uk Ltd, 2018
索書號: TK7874 .R68 2018
ISBN : 9781781831007
書    名: Adaptive micro air vehicle design
作    者: Kuo, Chen-Ming, 1982-
出版者: 2008
索書號: CYL TL545 K86 2008
書    名: Controlled synthesis of metallic iron nanoparticles and their magnetic hyperthermia performance in polyaniline composite nanofibers
作    者: Yang, Ta-I Yang
出版者: [桃園市中壢區] : 中原大學化學工程學系, 2017
索書號: CYL TP248.25.N35 Y36 2017
書    名: Production economics : evaluating costs of operations in manufacturing and service industries
作    者: Desai, Anoop, author
出版者: Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2018]
索書號: TS165 .D47 2018
ISBN : 9781138033269
書    名: Barista techniques : the essential guide to preparing and serving espresso coffee commercially
作    者: Doyle, John C
出版者: Sans Souci, N.S.W. : Coffee Training Centre, 2011
索書號: TX817.C6 D69 2011
ISBN : 9780975243558

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